Streams & Broadcast Talent

Revealing the broadcast talent who will entertain the audience live at ASUS ROG GameXpo 2016 on Novevember 4-6, and the partner streams covering the event in different languages.

We are ready to kick off the action in Helsinki on Friday, November 4 with the first match starting already at 11:00 EET. Be ready to catch the frags online as well as on-site at Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre. The live commentary as well as the main stream is in Finnish but we have English and Russian streams covering the event for the international audience. Besides the live CS:GO action we have some of the most talented people in Finland to keep the show entertaining. During the matches we will hand the mic to the most well-known Finnish CS:GO commentator pair Teemu "wabbit" Hiilinen & Juha "aNGeldusT" Kurppa, and during the breaks the interviews will be conducted by our host Esa "Snapple" Kaisjoki.

Broadcast Talent

  •  Teemu "wabbit" Hiilinen - Commentator
  •  Juha "aNGeldusT" Kurppa - Commentator
  •  Esa "Snapple" Kaisjoki - Host



  • Friday, November 4
    • 11:00 EET - Quarterfinal #1 - ENCORE vs Huutista
    • 15:00 EET - Quarterfinal #2 - SkitLite.QPAD vs GoSu
    • 19:00 18:00 EET - Quarterfinal #3 - RCTIC eSports vs Conquer Gaming
  • Saturday, November 5
    • 12:00 EET - Quarterfinal #4 - LGR vs Paranoia eSports
    • 19:30 EET - Semifinal #1 - LGR/Paranoia vs RCTIC/Conquer
  • Sunday, November 6
    • 10:00 EET - Semifinal #2 - ENCORE/Huutista vs SkitLite/GoSu
    • 13:00 EET - Final

Facebook contest

You have a chance to win a couple of tickets to GameXpo and come see the CS:GO teams play live. Head to the ASUS ROG Nordic facebook page to enter the contest. You have until Thursday, November 3, 10:00 EET to participate to the raffle.

More Info

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