GameXpo 2017 Schedule

The regular season of ROG Tournament GameXpo 2017 kicks off on Tuesday, September 19th. It is now time to announce the schedule for the season of online play and the offline finals. In the regular season every team faces each other once, and four best teams will advance into playoff stage. The playoffs will be played on the main stage of GameXpo on November 3-5, 2017.

Teams will have two matches every week on Tuesdays and Sundays. All of the matches are streamed live in Finnish at The league starts on Tuesday 19th with following matches: Gigantti vs. Aces, Helsinki REDS vs. NYYRIKKI and evening ends with ENCE vs. Kindergarten. Check out the weekly schedule details below.

To keep every match exciting, we have set prizes for the whole regular season. Winner of each match claims a €120 reward.

Group Stage Schedule

All times in EEST / CEST+1 / GMT+3.

First week of group play:

Tuesday, September 19
19:00 Gigantti vs Aces
20:15 Helsinki REDS vs NYYRIKKI
21:30 ENCE eSports vs Kindergarten

Sunday, September 24
17:00 NYYRIKKI vs ENCE eSports
18:15 Kindergarten vs Gigantti
19:30 Aces vs Nemesis

Detailed match schedule for the whole group can be found at

Playoffs Schedule

All times in EET / CET+1 / GMT+2.

Friday, November 3, 17:00 - Semifinal A
Saturday, November 4, 14:00 - Semifinal B
Sunday, November 5, 14:00 - Final