Meet and challenge the players at GameXpo

Play with the Finland's best Overwatch teams and YouTubers at the ASUS ROG booth in GameXpo.

The playoffs of ROG Tournament GameXpo 2017 start tomorrow on November 3rd with four teams competing for the trophy. Come and witness as the best Overwatch players in Finland go head to head on the main stage of GameXpo. What's more you have a chance to meet the pros and challenge them to a duel in Overwatch at the ASUS ROG booth next to the main stage. The best challengers will be rewarded with prizes provided by ASUS. Participating teams are Team Gigantti, ENCE eSports, Helsinki REDS and NYYRIKKI Esports, while the YouTubers present will be Scouppi and Luugi.

ASUS ROG Booth Schedule

Friday, November 3
12:00-14:00         Free play
14:00-15:00         NYYRIKKI 1vs1 challenge and meet & greet
15:00-16:00         Team Gigantti 1vs1 challenge and meet & greet
16:00-17:00         Luugi 1vs1 challenge
17:00-19:00         ROG Tournament GameXpo 2017 Semifinal A - Gigantti vs NYYRIKKI
19:00-20:00         Free play
Saturday, November 4
10:00-11:00         Free play
11:00-12:00         ENCE 1vs1 challenge and meet & greet
12:00-13:00         Helsinki REDS 1vs1 haaste ja meet & greet
13:00-14:00         Scouppi 1vs1 challenge
14:00-16:00         ROG Tournament GameXpo 2017 Semifinal B - ENCE vs Helsinki REDS
16:00-17:00         Luugi 1vs1 challenge
17:00-19:00         Free play
Sunday, November 5
10:00-11:00         Free play
11:00-12:00         Luugi 1vs1 challege
12:00-13:00         Free play
13:00-14:00         Scouppi 1vs1 challenge
14:00-16:00         ROG Tournament GameXpo 2017 Final
16:00-17:00         Free play


Semi Finals, bo3
 Team Gigantti
 ENCE eSports
 Helsinki REDS
Final, bo5