Peliliiga’s statement about the NorthCon ASUS ROG Tournament

The NorthCon ASUS ROG StarCraft II Tournament started today on December 6th 2013. The tournament has faced many problems right from the start which have been apparent to every party involved including the players and the audience. Some of the problems have been out of the hands of the organizers, such as the bad weather in Germany affecting the travel schedules of the players and the staff, but no doubt a portion of the problems can be attributed to the lack of experience in running a high caliber offline tournament.
We at Peliliiga, which is the organizer behind the ASUS ROG StarCraft II tournaments held in the past, have been following the event closely. After the troublesome first day at NorthCon, we saw it necessary to inform the esports community that the ASUS ROG Tournament at NorthCon 2013 is independent from Peliliiga and the events organized by Peliliiga. 
Peliliiga wishes NorthCon the best of luck for tomorrow. Apparently at least the stream issues are being taken care of. Let us hope the second day at the NorthCon ASUS ROG Tournament redeems the first by offering an entertaining tournament at the quality the community has been accustomed to.
Peliliiga CEO
Petri Hämälä