Qualifier results and invites

The next ASUS ROG StarCraft II tournament is less than a month away. All of the 24 invitations to the tournament have now been sent out for players who were selected among the almost 200 applicants interested in participating in the event. We are very proud of the attention the upcoming tournament has received in the player community. The quality of the applicants is also excellent and has got us really excited. With the qualifiers now over we are looking forward to the main event starting off on August 1st.

Qualifier results

The two online qualifiers were played this week, 4-5 July, and we now have the total of eight qualified players to add to the lineup. More than 170 people tried to qualify to ASUS ROG Summer 2013 which surpassed our expectations. The top four finishers in both tournaments were determined with all best-of-3 matches and the final rounds played in double elimination format. More details can be found at the qualifier topic.

Qualification tournament #1

  Azubu San
  RoX.KIS Pro7ect
  RoX.KIS LiveZerg 
  Millenium Goswser

Qualification tournament #2

  Empire Kas
  Millenium DieStar

Next invites

It is time to reveal eight more players who have been invited to compete at the ASUS ROG Summer 2013 tournament. The new invites are:

  mYminsanity Stardust
  mousesports MaNa
  ENCE elfi
  Millenium ForGG
  Liquid Taeja
  prOperty SjoW
  mousesports VortiX
  Evil Geniuses Suppy

Update to broadcast crew

As we have already announced, the main event will feature a free HD stream with Thomas “Khaldor” Kilian and Greg “IdrA” Fields providing the commentary. In addition, we are now happy to announce that Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat and Alexandre “FunKaDeLiC” Verrier will be joining the show as a host & interviewer and an in-game observer respectively. With three days of action and 32 skilled players around, we hope to get the most out of the atmosphere in the venue.