Replays & VODs

The tournament is finished and we have a new, returning ASUS ROG StarCraft II Champion   Liquid Taeja! But as always here at ASUS ROG StarCraft II tournaments, the fun doesn’t end at the prize ceremony. We are now releasing all the replays of the tournament for you to enjoy and study. In the unfortunate case that you missed the event, this is your chance to see all the action that happened during the three days of ASUS ROG. Watch the replays or enjoy the VODs with professional casting provided by Khaldor & Idra.




For VOD links we point you to SpoilerFreeSC that has done a wonderful job collecting all the VODs from different streams to the same page.

Map popularity

With the replay package you can do much more than just watch the games. Analyzing the replay pack with tools such as SC2Gears you can find interesting data such as the map popularity ranking below.
  1. Bel’Shir Vestige LE, 57, ~21%
  2. Nerkiwk Precinct TE, 44, ~16%
  3. Star Station, 42, ~16%
  4. Whirlwind LE, 37, ~15%
  5. Neo Planet S LE, 34, ~13%
  6. Akilon Wastes, 30, ~11%
  7. Derelict Watcer TE, 22, ~8%