StarCraft II players and casters

Revealing the invites and full player roster of ASUS ROG StarCraft II Summer 2015 Tournament along with the commentary team who will bring you the RTS action taking place in Helsinki, Finland on July 30-31.

The ASUS ROG StarCraft II Summer 2015 Tournament presents a total of 32 talented players around the world. Half of the players enter the tournament via an invite while the other half have fought their way into the competition through online qualifiers during the past couple of weeks. With roughly two weeks to the event, we are now excited to announce the full list of players which will compete in ASUS ROG StarCraft II Summer 2015 Tournament in the end of July.

Additionally, we would like to present the commentary duo who will be joining us in Helsinki to guide the audience through the two action packed days of StarCraft II. The casting desk will be overflowing of insight as we are pleased to welcome our commentators, the renowned players Chris “HuK” Loranger and Benjamin “DeMusliM” Baker.

Invited players

  • nl.png  AT.uThermal - Marc Schlappi
  • kr.png  dPix.Fantasy - Jung Myung Hoon
  • kr.png  dPix.Patience - Jo Ji Hyun
  • kr.png  dPix.True - Yoo Ki Sung
  • fi.png  elfi - Samuli Sihvonen
  • ru.png  Happy - Dmitry Kostin
  • fi.png  imG.Welmu - Vesa Hovinen
  • dk.png  Liquid.Bunny - Patrick Brix
  • nl.png  Liquid.Ret - Joseph de Kroon
  • de.png  Liquid.TLO - Dario Wünsch
  • kr.png  Liquid.Snute 1 - Jens Aasgaard
  • fr.png  Mill.Lilbow - David Moschetto
  • fr.png  Mill.MarineLorD - Alexis Eusebio
  • fi.png  mYi.Serral - Joona Sotala
  • kr.png  prOp.NaNiwa 2 - Johan Lucchesi
  • kr.png  StarDust - Son Seok Hee
  • fi.png  KRN.Calt - Eetu Laustela
  • kr.png  KRN.Namshar 3 - Christoffer Kolmodin


1 Liquid.Snute replaces Mill.ForGG who cancelled his participation.
2 prOp.NaNiwa replaces the invited player TargA who could not take part in the tournament.
KRN.Calt and KRN.Namshar replace qualified players cSc.DmC and AT.Jona who cancelled their participation.


Qualified players

  • Qualifier #1
    • fr.png  mYi.PtitDrogo - Théo Freydière
    • kr.png  Prime.BboongBboong - Choi Jong Hyuk
    • se.png  prOp.Zanster - Anton Dahlström
    • fi.png  Fuzer - Samuli Romppanen
  • Qualifier #2
    • fr.png  aAa.MiNiMaTh - Mathieu Perrus
    • kr.png  TSpec.Gamja - Kim Chang Gon
    • kr.png  Apocalypse - Kim Min Hyeong
    • kr.png  Prime.KeeN 1 - Hwang Kyo Seok
  • Qualifier #3
    • kr.png  Roccat.HyuN - Ko Seok Hyun
    • se.png  prOp.StarNaN - Daniel Ohlsson
    • nl.png  AT.Jona 4 - Jonathan Stelma
    • fi.png  Menace.ZhuGeLiang - Wenlei Dai
  • Qualifier #4
    • fr.png  pLine.Denver - Clément Coste
    • pl.png  TES.Guru - Szymon Nieciąg
    • kr.png  MVP.Losira - Hwang Kang Ho
    • ru.png  cSc.DmC 2 - Dmitriy Bakhtiyarov


1 As the next in line from Qualifier #2, Prime.KeeN replaces yoeFW.Ian who had to cancel his participation.
DmC has cancelled his participation. The slot is filled by an extra invite, KRN.Calt.
3 Based on Qualifier #1 results, Fuzer replaces ShoWTimE who cancelled his participation.
Jona cannot take part in the tournament and he is replaced by adding KRN.Namshar to the invite list.

For more details about the qualifiers go to

Streams & Casters

The tournament will provide a free HD main stream on from with Chris “HuK” Loranger and Benjamin “DeMusliM” Baker providing the commentary. Both Loranger and Baker are esteemed professional StarCraft II players who have been part of the game since its beginning and played in multiple high level tournaments including some of the past ASUS ROG tournaments. On top of their player career, they both have taken seats at the caster table before and proven to be talented commentators with deep understanding of the game. The stream production will be handled by Black Molly Entertainment.

On top of the main stream, ASUS ROG StarCraft II Summer 2015 welcomes multiple community streams in different languages. Community streams will help us cover more games that would otherwise be possible on the main stream in just a two day time frame. We will announce the list of community streams later.



All times in local time EEST.

  • Thursday, 30th July
    • 15:00 -- 18:00 — Group Stage 1
    • 19:00 -- 00:00 — Group Stage 2
  • Friday, 31st July
    • 15:00 -- 00:30 — Playoffs