StarCraft II replays

Releasing the replay pack of the ASUS ROG Summer 2015 StarCraft II Tournament which contains a total of 160 replays played during July 30-31.

The ASUS ROG Summer 2015 StarCraft II Tournament is over and we have crowned a ASUS ROG champion, MVP.Losira. During the two long days of StarCraft II action the 32 players in the tournament played a total of 160 games. However, only a handful of those were shown on the main stream. Luckily the community streams helped us cover more games, but still a few matches were played without any observers. If your favorite player happened go unnoticed or you would like a closer look of some of the games, we have good news for you! As always, we are releasing all the 160 replays of the tournament for your enjoyment.


ASUS ROG Summer 2015 StarCraft II Replays (17.3 MB)

Map statistics

With all the replays available, you can do a lot more than just watch the games in observer or first person perspective. Use a tool like Scelight to do cool multi replay analysis to gather data. Below you can find how many times each map was played during the tournament.

  1. Coda LE, 51 replays, ~32%
  2. Terraform LE, 31 replays, ~19%
  3. Iron Fortress LE, 27 replays, ~17%
  4. Cactus Valley, 20 replays, ~13%
  5. Bridgehead LE, 12 replays, ~8%
  6. Dash and Terminal, 10 replays, ~6%
  7. Moonlight Madness, 9 replays, ~6%



Group Stage 2, July 30


Playoffs, July 31


Unfortunately the main stream VODs from Group Stage 1 in English are not available. However, all the main stream matches with Finnish commentary can be found at the Assembly archive.