Last Invites

Announcing the last four teams who join us in Helsinki on August 3-4 for the ASUS ROG Summer 2017 Overwatch Tournament.

In two weeks we kick the show going in Helsinki, Finland as ASUS ROG Summer 2017 is scheduled to start on Thursday, August 3. The rest of the invites are now sent and we have completed the line-up which will enter the arena in Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre and battle it out in Overwatch for the trophy and a share of the $9500 USD prize purse. We are pleased to welcome Aces, Rynnäkköviikset, Boom eSports and a yet unannounced Finnish organization to the tournament. This time in the invitation process we favored established organizations over mix teams in order to gather a fully professional roster for the first ever ASUS ROG Overwatch competition.

Aces and Rynnäkköviikset are well-known Finnish teams both under successful sports organizations which have ventured into Overwatch earlier this year. In ASUS ROG Summer 2017 they enter the competition behind the other Finnish teams but eager to climb the ranks and put out the results these organizations are known for. The Estonian Boom eSports on the other hand has been fragging in Overwatch a bit longer, since November 2016, and has been having success in local LAN events as well as online cups. We are excited to have Boom on board to toughen the opposition for the line-up consisting mostly of Finns. The last invitation was sent to a Finnish organization which has not yet publicly entered the playing field, but has acquired a roster of veteran players. Keep your eyes open as they will be announcing their presence soon.

New Invites


MrHamster - Timi Sillman
Ashieli - Timo Korkeakoski
Ronski - Roope Somero
KarvaRausku - Chris Räisä
Thedesolator - Tomi Karhinen
Zhaipaa - Janne Nuoristo


pave - Pauli Seppänen
Kauko - Rasmus Rajala
Anatec - Antti Eskel
Zagaz - Jaakko Nippala
Fishir - Tatu Rikala
Love - Timi Saranpää

Boom eSports

ZiCdaMASTA - Aleksandr Smirnov
Eddy - Fred Jõks
ThaPhoenix - Roger Kikkas
Jannukaz - Jan-Jako Passimägi
Paandee - Roven Jõekäär
Yoko - Kristo Kivimägi

Nyyrikki Esports*

perry - Miku Airaksinen
twidi - Jussi Tiipiö
tonder - Toni Rehn
baba - Samuli Vento
tappomasa - Petja Kantanen
astt - Sami Kuotesaho

*The name of Nyyrikki Esports was revealed on July 30.

Previously Announced Teams

Rest in Pyjamas

Fragi - Joona Laine
kyynel - Antti Kinnunen
Davin - Tuomo Leppänen
Zuppehw - Aleksi Kuntsi
zappis - Joonas Alakurtti
LiNkzr - Jiri Masalin

ENCE eSports

Trickwide - Ville Saastamoinen 
Ripa - Riku Toivanen 
Baito - Samuli Karppinen
Lhcloudy - Roni Tiihonen 
Cali - Kalle Ylönen 
Rck - Richard Kanerva


HyP - Damien Souville
BenBest - Dieulafait Benjamin
Noki - Cornet Martin
Poko - Gouzerch Gaël
DixxyDix - Chaffraix Jeremy
Hqrdest - Danton Jeremy

Helsinki REDS

Ruape - Roope Kurkela
Woomera - Eemeli Ikonen
Exceed - Jani Kosonen
BBR - Miika Tekoniemi
prettyWise - Ville Mikkonen
Kryma - Kaapo Laine