Next Invites and Broadcast Talent

Revealing two more invited teams and announcing the broadcast talent for our up-coming event ASUS ROG Summer 2017 Overwatch Tournament which is being played in Helsinki, Finland on August 3-4, 2017.

As we are still in the process of accepting invitation applications until Saturday July 15, we would like to get a bit ahead of ouserlves and reveal two more teams who have been invited to the ASUS ROG Summer 2017 Overwatch tournament. We are happy to announce that we'll be seeing Helsinki REDS and GamersOrigin in Helsinki on August 3-4 competing for the $9,500 USD prize pool. Helsinki REDS will surely be hungry for a rematch against the ex-NiP team as in the previous event at Assembly Winter 2017 the REDS lost the thrilling final only by a hair. The French team GamersOrigin however will make their first appearance in the Finnish soil but the team is eager to make a memorable entrance.

New Invites


HyP - Damien Souville
BenBest - Dieulafait Benjamin
Noki - Cornet Martin
Poko - Gouzerch Gaël
DixxyDix - Chaffraix Jeremy
Hqrdest - Danton Jeremy

Helsinki REDS

Ruape - Roope Kurkela
Woomera - Eemeli Ikonen
Exceed - Jani Kosonen
BBR - Miika Tekoniemi
prettyWise - Ville Mikkonen
Kryma - Kaapo Laine


Broadcast Talent

English Stream - ROGtournament
Commentator - Jason Kaplan
Commentator - Robert "hexagrams" Kirkbride

Finnish Stream - AssemblyOW
Commentator - Tomi ”Tombha” Rinne
Commentator - Juha-Pekka ”ZeiZei” Joutsenlahti

The stage host in both streams is Esa "Snapple" Kaisjoki.