ASUS ROG Winter 2018 Teams

Announcing the teams which will step on the stage at ASUS ROG Winter 2018 CS:GO tournanent in Helsinki on February 2-3 to compete for the $15,000 prize purse.

ASUS ROG Winter 2018 CS:GO Tournament features eight teams. Six of the teams have been directly invited to the event while two teams managed grab the last spots in the all-Finnish qualifiers last weekend on January 13-14. The invitations have now also been sent out and confirmed, so today we have our eight team roster locked and ready. We are delighted to present our invitations to ASUS ROG Winter 2018 CS:GO Tournament: ALTERNATE aTTaXTeam-LDLCNorth Academypro100SuperJymy and HAVU.PHZ. The two teams which managed to fight their way out of the qualifiers are Rat-Gang and KatsoPeiliin.

We are very happy about how the lin-up turned out, with half the teams from abroad and half from the organizing country. This setup is sure to bring out the best in the the local crowd as most of the matches will have a home team to cheer on. Make sure not to miss it, the action starts at 12:00 EET on Friday, February 2.

Invited Teams

HUNDEN - Nicolai Petersen
tiziaN - Tizian Feldbusch
syrsoN - Florian Rische
stfN - Stefan Seier
ecfN - Lukas Kauer

ALEX - Alex McMeekin
Ex6TenZ - Kévin Droolans
Maniac - Mathieu Quiquerez
DEVIL - Timothée Demolon
to1nou - Antoine Pirard

 North Academy
sycrone - Dennis Nielsen
Basso -⁠ Sebastian Aagaard
AnJ -⁠ Allan Jensen
acoR - Frederik Gyldstrand
b0RUP - Johannes Emil Jensen

def - Dima Lemeshchuk
crush - Igor Shevchenko
Flarich - Vadim Karetin
Aiyvan - Ivan Semenets
kenzor - Leonard Volodarchuk

aune - Joonas Rantala
BONA - Verneri Junkala
ZOREE - Lasse Uronen
Aerial - Jani Jussila
arvid - Tony Niemelä

xartE - Mikko Välimaa
Aleksib - Aleksi Virolainen
KHRN - Jesse Grandell
ottoNd - Otto Sihvo
uli - Samu Leirilaakso

Qualified Teams

 Conquer Gaming
Fubbeli - Antti Piispanen
oopee - Olli Piispanen
miikasd - Miika Tauriainen
Kippariz - Joni Hallman
Vladimus - Jukka Neuvonen

Wazakhaq - Tommi Laakso
Jone - Joonas Tarkkonen
r0tta - Kristo Lindfors
kaavio - Miika Nurmi
emilz - Emil Haanpää

Roster Changes

Jan 25: Conquer Gaming acquires Rat-Gang.
Jan 29: FC Lahti Menace acquires KatsoPeiliin team.
Jan 30: North Academy replaces Daniel "mertz" Mertz & Nicklas "gade" Gade with Sebastian "Basso" Aagaard & Allan "AnJ" Jensen.

More Info

Check out all the details related to ASUS ROG Winter 2018 CS:GO Tournament from the home page.


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