The 5th invite is FATE Esports

ASUS ROG invites the Bulgarian FATE Esports to compete in the ASUS ROG Winter 2020 CS:GO Tournament on February 20-22.

We are happy to announce that the 5th invite to ASUS ROG Winter 2020 CS:GO Tournament goes to FATE Esports, hailing from Bulgaria. The team’s four core members have been together a year and have been rising in the ranks steadily since July last year. They lifted their latest offline trophy in December at the Relog Esports Season 1 finals. Now in Finland they have a chance to grab another championship under their belt in quick succession and prove their skills in a new environment.

FATE winning the ESL Southeast Europe Championship: Season 10 in November 2019.

FATE is a welcome addition to the, so far very Finnish, lineup of teams making the event much more exciting and unpredictable. It is worth noting, that the Bulgarians have not yet played against any of the participating local teams in official games which sets us up for a bunch of hard match predictions. In terms of ranking, FATE hovers right behind HAVU, making the Bulgarians a clear contender for the finals spot in this event. However, the lineup is still not yet complete, as one more invite is about to be revealed and the open qualifiers will provide one more team to finish the eight team roster.

Speaking of qualifiers, the first team to make it to the main event through the online qualifiers is REHTI. The qualifier finished yesterday and it was packed with household names of Finnish Counter-Strike. In the end the young team, averaging only 17.6 years of age, proved victorious against Veto in the finals and claimed the spot in Helsinki. Congratulations to REHTI!

New invite

FATE Esports (Bulgaria)

Niki - Nikolay Pantaleev
Mar - Martin Kuyumdjiev
Doublemagic - Veselin Angelov
KalubeR - Kalin Erenditsov
Duplicate - Viktor Mitev

First team to qualify


HENU - Henri Ylilehto
Jelo - Joel Lentonen
RONDE - Roni Apell
ile - Iikka Nuotio
Jimpphat - Jimi Salo
(c) yaNgape - Aapo Poutiainen

More Info

Read more about the tournament, schedule, teams, prizes and all from the event page.