Last Invite and Groups Announced

Groups can now be revealed as LDLC OL completes the team lineup as the last invite for ASUS ROG Winter 2020 CS:GO Tournament, kicking off in two weeks, on February 20!

Only two weeks to go until we kick off the winter season with ASUS ROG Winter 2020 CS:GO Tournament in Helsinki. The invites have been sent and the qualifiers have been held. It is finally time to reveal the full lineup of teams competing for the €12,500 EUR prize pool on February 20-22.

We are pleased to reveal that the last invited team is LDLC OL from France! Last month LDLC announced that they have teamed up with the Lyon based football club Olympique Lyonnais and signed four new players to their CS:GO roster. The French team is no stranger to ASUS ROG and Assembly events in Helsinki as they managed to grab the championship at Assembly Winter 2016 and the silver medal at ASUS ROG Winter 2018. Coincidence or not, it has once again been exactly two years since their previous podium placement in Helsinki, when they now return to test the level of Counter-Strike in Finland.

The new LDLC OL lineup: hAdji, LOGAN, Lambert, Gringo, SIZER. Photo courtesy of LDLC OL.

The online qualifiers for ASUS ROG Winter 2020 CS:GO Tournament concluded yesterday evening on February 6 with a fresh mix team with some serious firepower snatching the qualifier spot. Established teams were left behind while KYNYNIEKAT emerged from the fold as the second and final team to qualify for the event, congratulations! 

New Invite


SIXER - Christophe Xia
LOGAN - Logan Corti
hAdji - Ali Haïnouss
Lambert - Lambert Prigent
Gringo - Kilian Garcia
(c) Ozstrik3r - Steeve Flavigni

Second team to qualify


Jamppi - Elias Olkkonen
Tunkkis - Juho Hänninen
r0tta - Kristo Lindfors
Bekszy - Joel Lempa
Juho - Juho Lampinen


With all the teams now released, we are ready to publish the groups which will dictate the action for the first two days of the event.

Group A

Group B



The event kicks off with eight teams divided into two groups of four with the first elimination matches taking place on the very first day. Six teams continue to the second day which will conclude the group stage as two more teams are eliminated in the decider matches. The third and final day will deliver the playoff games with both semifinals followed by the grand final.


Thursday Feb 20

14:00 - Group A Initial Match A -  FATE vs  REHTI
14:00 - Group A Initial Match B -  SJ vs  hREDS
15:30 - Group A Losers Match, bo3
19:00 - Group B Initial Match A -  HAVU vs  KYNYNIEKAT
19:00 - Group B Initial Match B -  KOVA vs  LDLC OL
~20:30 - Group B Losers Match, bo3

Friday Feb 21

14:00 - Group A Winners Match, bo1
15:30 - Group B Winners Match, bo1
~17:00 - Group A Decider Match, bo3
~20:30 - Group B Decider Match, bo3

Saturday Feb 22

12:00 - Semifinal A, bo3 -- B#1 vs A#2
15:30 - Semifinal B, bo3 -- A#1 vs B#2
19:30 - Final, bo3

More Info

Read more about the tournament, schedule, teams, prizes and all from the event page.