ASUS ROG Fall 2021 Groups

Announcing the group stage of ASUS ROG Fall 2021 which kicks off the tournament this week on Friday, September 17, starting 13:00 CEST!

With DH SC2 Masters Fall Season Finals barely behind us, we are already gearing up for the next big global event, the ASUS ROG Fall 2021 StarCraft II tournament on September 17-19. Last week players had their final chance to improve their rankings before the upcoming ASUS ROG tournament. Now, with the rankings updated, we have drawn the players into groups which will dictate the first two days of the tournament!

The group stage consists of four groups with four players in each group. The first two groups are played on Friday September 17, while the other two are played on Saturday, September 18. The groups are played in GSL style, where after the initial matches the winners and losers meet each other with the winner of the winners advancing and the loser of the losers dropping out. Finally in the decider match, the two players with one win and one loss face each other to determine the second player to advance from the group. All in all, eight players match on toward the playoffs which will be played on Sunday September 19.

We are super excited to see how the groups play out. With an event as exclusive as this, there are no easy wins to be had even in the group stage. Each player is determined to break out of their groups and guarantee a share of the prize money for themselves.

In addition to the groups, we are delighted to deliver an update to the ASUS ROG Fall 2021 talent line-up. Wardi and Lambo will be joining the previously announced duo RotterdaM and DeMusliM on the broadcast! With this, the crew from our previous event ASUS ROG Online 2020 is back to dictate our way through the three days of StarCraft II action.

Group Stage

Group A - Fri, Sep 17, 13:00 CEST


Group B - Fri, Sep 17, 18:00 CEST


Group C - Sat, Sep 18, 13:00 CEST


Group D - Sat, Sep 18, 18:00 CEST


First matches are top row vs bottom row, and middle-top vs middle-bottom.

Broadcast Talent

  • Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi
  • Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker
  • Jonathon "Wardi" Ward
  • Julian "Lambo" Brosig


Group matches are bo3. Playoffs matches are bo5 except the final is a bo7.
Groups start with a fixed time but group matches are played with accelerated schedule.
Playoffs are played with accelerated schedule.
All matches are played one by one.

Friday, 17 September

Group A — 13:00 CEST
  Trap vs   herO
  HeRoMaRinE vs   Zest
~Winners match
~Losers match
~Decider match

Group B — 18:00 CEST
  Clem vs   Solar
  Maru vs   Neeb
~Winners match
~Losers match
~Decider match

Saturday, 18 September

Group C — 13:00 CEST
  Reynor vs   Cure
  Dark vs   MaxPax
~Winners match
~Loser match
~Decider match

Group D — 18:00 CEST
  Rogue vs   Astrea
  Serral vs   PartinG
~Winners match
~Loser match
~Decider match

Sunday, 19 September

13:00 CEST — Quarter-Final A
~14:15 CEST — Quarter-Final B
~15:30 CEST — Quarter-Final C
~16:45 CEST — Quarter-Final D
~18:00 CEST — Semi-Final A
~19:30 CEST — Semi-Final B
~21:00 CEST — Final

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