Invites announced for ASUS ROG Fall 2021

ASUS ROG Fall 2021 invites eight players from the top of ESL Pro Tour and Korea rankings to join the StarCraft II tournament on September 17-19, 2021, with the remaining players being decided in the three qualifier tournaments next week between August 30 - September 4.

With three weeks to go until the ASUS ROG Fall 2021 StarCraft II tournament kicks off on September 17, 2021, we are now ready to reveal the first players attending the competition. Eight world class players will enter the arena with a direct invite earned by their top ranking in the Korea or ESL Pro Tour regions. We are glad to announce that all eight of the currently highest ranked players have decided to join the event! The Korean invites are Trap, Rogue, Maru, and Dark, and the ESL Pro Tour invites are Clem, Reynor, Neeb, and HeRoMaRinE. This amazing line-up sets the stage for a truly top-tier global tournament of StarCraft II, and we can’t wait to see who will join them through the qualifiers next week.

To complete the 16 player line-up, there will be eight players who manage to battle their way through one of the three qualifier tournaments between August 30 and September 4. The qualifiers are open to all Master and Grandmaster level players and they are held in all three major servers, the Korean, European, and American servers. The top three players in the European and American qualifiers will qualify, while the Korean qualifier will reward the top two. Check out the qualifier details below.

As the main tournament is such an exclusive event with only 16 players attending, we will no doubt see many great players meet and knock each other out in the qualifiers already. Luckily, there will be streams provided by the community to cover the qualifiers. Follow us at @asusrogtournament or check the qualifier pages for a stream list later on.


Based on ESL Pro Tour and Korea rankings on August 24, before DH SC2 Masters Fall Season Finals.

Korea Invites
  Trap - Cho Seong-ho (Korea #1)
  Rogue - Lee Byeong Yeol (Korea #2)
  Maru - Cho Seong-ju (Korea #3)
  Dark - Park Ryung-woo (Korea #4)

ESL Pro Tour Invites
  Clem - Clément Desplanches (EPT #1)
  Reynor - Riccardo Romiti (EPT #2)
  Neeb - Alex Sunderhaft (EPT #3)
  HeRoMaRinE - Gabriel Segat (EPT #4)


If you did not receive an invitation, this is your chance to enter the ASUS ROG Fall 2021 tournament!

Note that the qualifiers require you to hold Master or Grandmaster rank in any ladder to enter the tournament.

Each of the qualifiers are held in two parts to prevent them from running very late into the night.

Korea Server Qualifier - Top 2 qualifies
Tuesday, Aug 31, 18:00 KST - Part 1, Rounds 1-5
Wednesday, Sep 1, 18:00 KST - Part 2, Rounds 6->

Europe Server Qualifier - Top 3 qualifies
Wednesday, Sep 1, 18:00 CEST - Part 1, Rounds 1-5
Thursday, Sep 2, 18:00 CEST - Part 2, Rounds 6->

American Server Qualifier - Top 3 qualifies
Thursday, Sep 2, 17:00 PST - Part 1, Rounds 1-5
Friday, Sep 3, 17:00 PST - Part 2, Rounds 6->

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Check out all the details from the event page.