Groups revealed for ASUS ROG Online 2020

With less than three days to go until ASUS ROG Online 2020 StarCraft II Tournament starts on November 27 we are finally releasing the starting groups of the competition!

Last weekend we saw three qualifiers take place on European, American and Korean servers. With eight spots in line for the upcoming ASUS ROG Online 2020 tournament, the tournaments gathered a sizable number of the StarCraft II pro scene together in an effort to qualify. We were happy to see so many community broadcasts hopping on the action and trying to keep up with the amount of back to back games being played. It is worth noting that the qualifiers were global with no region limitations so each qualified player had to fiercely fight for their spot. In the end, we are left with a very even split with half of the qualified players coming from South Korea, while the other half is representing Europe and America.

Now that we have our full player lineup ready, it is time to reveal the groups! To further tie the tournament to the ESL Pro Tour ecosystem, the groups were generated with seeding based on ESL Pro Tour points. Furthermore, the groups were balanced so that each has two players from Korea and two from outside of Korea. We were lucky to have a roster with exactly half from Korea and half from the rest of the World. The final list of players is absolutely stacked! Get ready for some of the best StarCraft II this year has to offer!

Qualified Players

  • Korea Server Qualifier
    •   Solar - Kang Min-soo (KaiZi Gaming)
    •   DonRaeGu - Park Soo-ho (Afreeca Freecs)
  • America Server Qualifier
    •   ByuN - Byun Hyun-woo
    •   PartinG - Won Lee-sak (Dragon Phoenix Gaming)
    •   Neeb - Alex Sunderhaft (Ting)
  • Europe Server Qualifier
    •   ShoWTimE - Tobias Sieber (BIG)
    •   Harstem - Kevin de Koning (Team Liquid)
    •   MaxPax - Max C. (Team eXoN)

Group Stage

Group A - Fri, Nov 27, 13:00 CET


Group B - Fri, Nov 27, 18:00 CET


Group B - Sat, Nov 28, 13:00 CET


Group D - Sat, Nov 28, 18:00 CET


The first matchups are top vs bottom, middle vs middle.


All times in CET. All matches are bo5 except the final is a bo7.
Groups start with a fixed time but group matches are played with accelerated schedule.
Playoffs are played with accelerated schedule.

Friday, 27 November

13:00 — Group A
  Rogue vs   MaxPax
  SpeCial vs   PartinG
Winners match
Losers match
Decider match

18:00 — Group B
  Reynor vs   ByuN
  Stats vs   Neeb
Winners match
Losers match
Decider match

Saturday, 28 November

13:00 — Group C
  Maru vs   Harstem
  Clem vs   Solar
Winners match
Loser match
Decider match

18:00 — Group D
  Serral vs   DonRaeGu
  INnoVation vs   ShoWTimE
Winners match
Loser match
Decider match

Sunday, 29 November

​13:00 — Quarter-Final A
~14:15 — Quarter-Final B
~15:30 — Quarter-Final C
~16:45 — Quarter-Final D
~18:00 — Semi-Final A
~19:30 — Semi-Final B
~21:00 — Final

The original schedule displayed all groups divided to Friday and Saturday. A change was made to play one group at a time after the player list was finalized.

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