Invitation details for ASUS ROG Online 2020

The invitations for ASUS ROG Online 2020 will be awarded according to global ESL Pro Tour points from the Korea and World regions after the 2020 Winter Season Finals.

A total of eight players will be awarded a direct invitation to the $15,000 USD tournament happening on November 27-29, 2020. As the tournament is part of the ESL Pro Tour system, handing out and 1,280 EPT points, the invitations will be also based on the EPT rankings. The top four players from the World region and the top four from the Korea region with the highest EPT point tally will be invited. The rest of the will have to fight for their spot through open qualifiers on November 20-22.

The invitations will be sent out after the DreamHack SC2 Masters 2020 Winter Season Finals tournament has concluded. The global tournament starts tomorrow November 10 and ends on November 15. It will give the players a chance to earn more points and possibly an invitation to ASUS ROG Online 2020. The victory in Winter Finals brings home 300 points, the runner-up takes home 200 points, and the 3rd-4th positions earn 125 points. Not all invitations are set in stone yet as you may see below.

Current standings

With the current EPT rankings the top three in the World region and the top two in the Korea region are already confirmed with Reynor, Serral & Clem leading in the World region and TY & Rogue in Korea. As they hold a lead with 300 points or more over their opponents below them, they are not in danger of getting knocked out of the top four needed for the invitation to ASUS ROG Online 2020.

The last invitation spot in the World region is in theory in contestion as HeRoMaRinE has a chance to knock SpeCial off -- but it requires SpeCial to miss the Winter Season Finals completely and HeRoMaRinE to grab the championship and nothing less.

In the Korea region, both Stats and Trap have a chance to enter the top four rankings after the Winter Season Finals this week -- if they bring home the trophy and INnoVation does poorly. Each participating player gets a minimum of 25 points from the season finals but INnoVation and Maru are definitely going to want more than that as Stats would surpass both of them if he wins and the two Terrans bomb out of the tournament.


Rank Points* Player
1 2372  Reynor
2 2075  Serral
3 1802  Clem
4 1432  SpeCial
5 1147  HeRoMaRinE
6 1053  Astrea


Rank Points* Player
1 2792  TY
2 2510  Rogue
3 2000  Maru
4 1910  INnoVation
5 1730  Stats
6 1717  Trap

* points accumulated until November 9, 2020

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Follow the Winter Season Finals

DreamHack SC2 Masters 2020 Winter Season Finals is being played out this week starting November 10 and ending on November 15. Follow the action on, check out the results at liquipedia, and see who earns an invitation to ASUS ROG Online 2020

Online Qualifiers

As a reminder, on top of the eight invitations there are eight spots open through three online qualifier tournaments.


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