Playoffs begin for ASUS ROG Online 2020

After two fays of group play we enter the final day of ASUS ROG Online 2020 and the playoffs stage on Sunday November 29 with only eight players remaining.

On Friday and Saturday November 27-28 we have gone through a total of twenty bo5 matches and 77 maps to find out the eight strongest players in the competition. They have fought they way through the absolutely stacked group stage of world-class StarCraft II players and claimed their spot in the playoffs bracket. Today on Sunday Novemner 29 the competition gets even tougher as every match someone is eliminated until only the sole victor remains. 

The Korea versus rest of the World setting has proven yet again its potential as we have five Koreans and three Europeans in the playoffs bracket. While the World has fought back valiantly, it is the South Koreaan players who have shown as once more why we call Korea the mecca of StarCraft. While the balance between these two regions has not been disturbed during this competition, we did see many interesting results during the group play. The fan favorite ByuN, who was the last player to qualify to this tournament, managed to top the arguably hardest group of all defeating Reynor and Stats. In a similar manner, ShoWTimE surprised many by marching over INnoVation and Serral in another tough group.

The playoffs will be played back to back in bo5 matches until the final which is a best-of-seven match. Catch the action 13:00 CET onwards!



The matches are played with acceledated schedule meaning that the match will start earlier if previous matches run short.

Sunday, November 29

13:00 CET - Rogue vs Reynor
~14:15 CET - ShoWTimE vs Maru
~15:30 CET - Solar vs PartinG
~16:45 CET - ByuN vs Serral
~18:00 CET - Semifinal A
~19:30 CET - Semifinal B
~21:00 CET - Final


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