Announcing the groups which will kick off ASUS ROG Summer 2016 on August 5 as well as the schedule and community streams.

ASUS ROG Summer 2016 CS:GO Tournament starts next week on August 5 already, where we have eight international teams competing for the $25,000 USD prize purse in Helsinki, Finland. The first stage of the tournament is played in two groups with both groups consisting of four teams. The second and final stage of the tournament are the playoffs where we will see the top two teams from each group give their best to come out on top.  Following the popular formula, the matches in the group stage are best-of-1 except for the decider matches which are best-of-3. All playoff matches are best-of-3.

It is now time to reveal the groups and start speculating how the competition will progress. Which four teams will proceed to the playoffs, and how will the semi-finals and the final look like. Watch it all live on Twitch or on the spot on August 5-6 with detailed schedule described below. The main broadcast will be available in English and other languages will be covered by our partner streams listed below.

Group Stage

Group A
Fri, Aug 5 - 12:00: EEST

1.  Epsilon eSports
2.  Escape Gaming
3.  LGR
4.  Millenium

Group B
Fri, Aug 5 - 19:00: EEST

1.  ENCE eSports
2.  Space Soldiers
3.  tRICKED eSport
4.  ArchAngels

The initial matches are team 1 vs team 4, and team 2 vs team 3.


Friday, August 5, 2016
  12:00 EEST Group A -⁠⁠ Epsilon vs Millenium, bo1
  12:00 EEST Group A -⁠⁠ Escape vs LGR, bo1
  13:30 EEST Group A -⁠⁠ Winners, bo1
  13:30 EEST Group A -⁠⁠ Losers, bo1
  15:00 EEST Group A -⁠⁠ Decider, bo3

  19:00 EEST Group B -⁠⁠ ENCE vs ArchAngels, bo1
  19:00 EEST Group B -⁠⁠ Space Soldiers vs tRICKED, bo1
  20:30 EEST Group B -⁠⁠ Winners, bo1
  20:30 EEST Group B -⁠⁠ Losers, bo1
  22:00 EEST Group B -⁠⁠ Decider, bo3

Saturday, August 6, 2016
  12:00 EEST Semi-⁠⁠final A, bo3
  15:00 EEST Semi-⁠⁠final B, bo3
  19:00 EEST Final, bo3


Main Stream

Partner Streams
 RuHub & RuHub2
 Hungarian Esport TV

More Info

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