Here are the playoffs of the ASUS ROG Summer 2019 StarCraft II Tournament which conclude the $25,000 event on August 3.

The competition in Helsinki is nearing its end as we enter the playoffs stage on Saturday, August 3. The final eight players face off each other in a grueling single elimination format. As the competition gets tougher the matches get longer with the quarter-finals and semi-finals being played in a best-of-5 format while the final uses the traditional best-of-7 format. The matches start at 13:00 EEST and will be played back to back until the semi-finals which start at 18:00 EEST and the final will start at 21:00 EEST sharp. You don't want to miss this!

Yesterday we had a real group of death when Solar, soO, herO and INnoVation were put together to decide which two will make it to the next stage. Surprisingly, the highest ranked Korean now in Helsinki, soO, dropped out from the competition along with the Terran veteran INnoVation, while Solar and herO made it through. High hopes were laid on Reynor who bested the "Finnish Phenom" Serral in the WCS Summer finals in June, but he too fell short in his group and got eliminated by the Koreans Stats and GuMiho who got out of that group. TIME on the other hand had a real break through performance and advanced to the playoffs together with Dear over ShoWTimE and RagnaroK. The group with the local favorite Serral did not see much surprises as the Finn and Zest advanced without much trouble leavinh the American Neeb and French PtitDrogo out of the final bracket.

Today's matches are all shown on the main stream and partner streams listed below. Come and join the crowd at the venue or live on stream!


Below are the streams for today.

Main Stream


Other Streams

 Yle Eurheilu
 O’Gaming SC2
 Miura TV 


All times in local time EEST / CEST + 1.
Times marked with ~ are played with accelerated schedule.

Saturday, August 3

13:00 - Quarter Final A - bo5 -  Dear vs  Zest
~14:15 - Quarter Final B - bo5 -  Solar vs  GuMiho
~15:30 - Quarter Final C - bo5 -  Stats vs  herO
~16:45 - Quarter Final D - bo5 -  Serral vs  TIME
18:00 - Semi Final A - bo5
19:15 - Semi Final B - bo5
21:00 - Final - bo7

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Read more about the tournament from the event page.