Qualifier Details

Here's how you can qualify to the ASUS ROG Summer 2019 StarCraft II Tournament, which is played in Helsinki on August 1-3,2019!

The tournament awards 23 spots through four online qualifiers set across the three main Battle.net servers during July 4-7. Additionally, one spot is reserved for the winner of a local qualifier in Helsinki on July 20. The European server will have two qualifiers awarding 11 spots in total, the American and Korean servers have single qualifiers each awarding eight and four spots respectively. All the qualifiers are open for everyone, no matter their home region, as long as they have reached the Master or Grandmaster league in any server. Even players outside of the WCS Circuit may participate, but be aware that the main tournament will award WCS points only to Circuit players.

Online Qualifiers


Note: The qualifiers only grant a spot in the tournament. Players should cover all their travel and accommodation expenses themselves.

Local Qualifier

The final qualifier spot to the tournament is handed to the winner of Fuzer's Shelter Game Room Open tournament which is held in Helsinki on July 20. Details about the event and the ladder qualifier can be found here (in Finnish).

Apply for an Invite

Before joining the qualifiers, we recommend everyone to apply for a direct invite first. You may send in requests nutil June 30.