Welcome Dear & Neeb

Dear and Neeb are the next players to be invited to the ASUS ROG Summer 2019 StarCraft II Tournament, starting in two weeks in Helsinki on August 1-3, 2019.

The player lineup of ASUS ROG Summer 2019 is getting close to been finalized as we release yet two more players who have been given a direct invite to the competition. If you have paid attention, we have revealed the new invitees in pairs based on their preferred StarCraft II race, and this announcement is no different. It’s about time to bring in the Protoss brethren from East and West, we’re happy to welcome Dear and Neeb!

Baek Dong-jun, also known as Dear, is no stranger to the StarCraft II crowds. He has been performing steadily in the GSL for the part years reaching the playoffs more often than not. He earned his first major championship in 2013 and has been hungry for another ever since. Dear was the runner-up in ASUS ROG Winter 2014 in Helsinki, so we are excited to have him return and try to make it all the way this time.

Alex “Neeb” Sunderhaft is the shining star in the North American StarCraft scene. He is forever remembered by his historical KeSPA Cup victory in 2016 on Korean soil, and his subsequent dominance in the WCS Circuit in 2017 with three consecutive WCS trophies. Neeb is a beast of a Protoss able to go head to head with anyone, including the current World Champion Serral, who is 1-1 in match score with the American this year. Their recent face-off went for the Finn, but the ASUS ROG Summer 2019 tournament in Helsinki provides one more chance for Neeb to show he belongs among the best.

The list of invites is now almost completely revealed. There is only one more invite yet to be announced!

Invites so far

  • Serral - Joona Sotala, ENCE
  • Reynor - Riccardo Romiti, Gamers Origin
  • soO - Eo Yoon-soo, Chivo CS
  • GuMiho - Koh Byung-jae, PSISTORM Gaming
  • SpeCial - Juan Carlos Tena Lopez, Ocean Gaming
  • Neeb - Alex Sunderhaft, Ting
  • Dear - Baek Dong-jun, Newbee
  • + 1 to be announced

More info

Read more about the tournament from the event page.