Welcome GuMiho & SpeCial

Announcing the second batch of invites and qualified players for the ASUS ROG Summer 2019 StarCraft II Tournament, taking place in Helsinki on August 1-3, 2019.

So far we have revealed three Zerg invites, but now we’re excited to announce the participation of two powerful Terrans who will join the battle against the Swarm in Helsinki on August 1-3. Welcome to ASUS ROG Summer 2019, GuMiho and SpeCial

Koh Byung-jae, playing under the name GuMiho, has been amongst the top Terrans in the world for years. He is an absolute veteran of the game, having competed in the GSL since 2010. Coined the “Towel Terran” due to playing with a towel over his hand, his playstyle is as unique as his nickname. Against the hometown hero Serral, the Korean Terran suffered a narrow defeat this year at IEM Katowice, but GuMiho is still 3-2 in matches against the Finn, proving to be a dangerous opponent for anyone on his path.

Hailing from Mexico, Juan Carlos Tena Lopez is SpeCial in the StarCraft II scene. Time after time has he been the sole hope of Terrans outside of Korea, managing to climb higher in premier tournaments than his colleagues in Europe or North America. In May this year he made his first appearance in the WCS Circuit finals after a total of five semi-final losses since 2017. But of course, Serral was there to greet him in the grand final of WCS Spring, ending SpeCial’s run in second place and leaving him yearning for a new opportunity to balance the scales against the Finnish phenom. Let’s hope we get to see their rematch in Helsinki!

Invites so far

  •  Serral - Joona Sotala, ENCE
  •  Reynor - Riccardo Romiti, Gamers Origin
  •  soO - Eo Yoon-soo, Chivo CS
  •  GuMiho - Koh Byung-jae, PSISTORM Gaming
  •  SpeCial - Juan Carlos Tena Lopez, Ocean Gaming
  • + 3 to be announced

Online qualifiers concluded

The online qualifiers for ASUS ROG Summer 2019 were held during July 4-7 and awarded a spot in the tournament for 23 players in total. Eleven players advanced from the EU server qualifiers, eight from the American server qualifier and four from the Korean server. The list below includes all the players that managed to grab a spot for themselves. Congratulations to all that made it! Based on this roster alone, the main tournament is absolutely stacked!

EU Server Qualifier #1 - July 4

  •  Lambo - Julian Brosig, QLASH
  •  DnS - Adrien Bouet, Cascade
  •  Harstem - Kevin de Koning, Asterion
  •  MarineLorD - Alexis Eusebio, O'Gaming
  •  uThermal - Marc Schlappi, Team Liquid
  •  Namshar - Christoffer Kolmodin, Infinity
  •  Bly - Aleksandr Svysiuk, Windigo Gaming
  •  HeroMarine - Gabriel Segat, Mousesports

EU Server Qualifier #2 - July 5

  •  Solar - Kang Min-soo, TSGaming
  •  souL - Piotr  Walukiewicz, Mkers
  •  ShoWTimE - Tobias Sieber, Mkers

AM Server Qualifier - July 6

  •  PtitDrogo - Théo Freydière
  •  SortOf - Rickard Bergman, Cascade
  •  Snute - Jens Aasgaard, Team Liquid
  •  TaeJa - Yun Young-seo, Team Liquid
  •  Armani - Park Jin-hyuk, Black Night
  •  Bomber - Choi Ji-sung, Team RevolutioN
  •  MaSa - Maru Kim, OSC Elite
  •  Awers  - Alexey Chistiakov, Mkers

KR Server Qualifier - July 7

  •  Zest - Joo Sung-wook, Ocean Gaming
  •  RagnaroK - Shin Hee-bum, Chivo SC
  •  herO - Kim Joon-ho, TSGaming
  •  TIME - Li Peinan, Newbee


More info

Read more about the tournament from the event page.

Image credits

Picture of GuMiho - Global StarCraft II League, Afreeca TV, 2018
Picture of SpeCial - Blizzard, 2018