Replays & VODs

ASUS ROG Winter 2014 was a blast. Two days full of high class StarCraft II action lead to a new champion,
  yoeFW.San. Congratulations to him once more. Catching all the games from the first day especially was a challenge, if possible at all. Fortunately we will continue the tradition, and are now releasing all the replays from the tournament for you to enjoy and study. The VOD links are also available for those who prefer the matches with commentary. Have fun!




The main stream VODs can be found at AssemblyTV's YouTube channel.
For the rest of the VOD links we point you to SpoilerFreeSC that has done a wonderful job collecting all the VODs from different streams to the same page.

Map popularity

With the replay package you can do much more than just watch the games. Analyzing the replay pack with tools such as SC2Gears you can find interesting data such as the map popularity ranking below.
  1. Frost LE, 52, ~22%
  2. Habitation Station LE, 41, ~17%
  3. Heavy Rain LE, 40, ~17%
  4. Polar Night LE, 40, ~17%
  5. Yeonsu LE, 39, ~17%
  6. Alterzim Stronghold TE, 17, ~7%
  7. Daedalus Point, 8, ~3%