Teams for Winter 2019

Revealing the six teams who face each other in ASUS ROG Winter 2019 CS:GO tournament in Helsinki on February 1-2.

It is now roughly two weeks to go until ASUS ROG Tournaments will bring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive once again to Helsinki. The online qualifiers concluded earlier this week. The invites have been sent out and confirmed. It seems we are now ready to reveal the teams which will take the stage and compete for the €12,500 EUR prize pool in ASUS ROG Winter 2019 CS:GO tournament on February 1-2!

We are proud to welcome our invites ENCE, HAVU and SuperJymy from Finland and ALTERNATE aTTaX from Germany! ENCE, which is currently fighting their way to the Major in the European Minor Championship, is definitely the home-town and fan favorite at the event elevating the level of play in the whole competition. HAVU and SuperJymy on the other hand represent the wide array of top talent Finland has to offer and make a great pair of teams in close competition. Our fourth invite is ALTERNATE aTTaX, a fresh German lineup which stirs things up in the midst of otherwise Finnish contenders and transforms the tournament from a regular national brawl to a truly international event.

The tournament roster was finalized with two teams from the online qualifiers which were played on January 13-15. The first qualifier saw the rise of repskops, a mix team consisting of three Finns, a Swede and an Italian player. In the second qualifier the victory was claimed by Minttu (now signed by TORI), a solid Finnish team with plenty of history behind them. We are happy that the interest towards the tournament is strong in the local scene with both of the qualifiers being full with 64 teams signing up in each. Open qualifiers are a great way to give everyone a chance to prove themselves and start their rise to the big leagues. With two qualified teams in the lineup we’re sure to see some interesting matches against the professional teams.

Invited Teams


allu - Aleksi Jalli
Aleksib - Aleksi Virolainen
sergej - Jere Salo
Aerial - Jani Jussila
xseveN - Sami Laasanen


DuDe - Dustin Großmann
mantuu - Mateusz Wilczewski
stfN - Stefan Seier
slaxz- - Fritz Dietrich
kressy - Marko Dordevic


sLowi - Olli Pitkänen
ZOREE - Lasse Uronen
Twixie - Samuli Herrala
Hoody - Aaro Peltokangas
Peku - Petteri Jaakkola


arvid - Tony Niemelä
Jamppi - Elias Olkkonen
SADDYX - Tuomas Louhimaa
KHRN - Jesse Grandell
xartE - Mikko Välimaa

Qualified Teams


Juho - Juho Lampinen
fz - Roope Pietilä
kreaz - Rasmus Johansson
fusion - Alexandru Dincof
m00nsh1n3 - Mikhail Popkov


uli - Samu Leirilaakso 
doto - Joonas Forss
pietola - Lauri Hietala
wils0n - Ville Järvi
sNOBI - Topi Hartikka